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Pirate Ships

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A pirate ship was one of the most important tools a pirate captain had at his disposal. During the Golden Age of Piracy, each specific type of ship had different attributes and characteristics. While any ship could be a pirate ship, some were better than others. The largest pirate ship, with a few exceptions was comparable to a frigate or a brig, while the smallest pirate ship might only have 4 cannons and have been a sloop, schooner or brigantine.

Pirate ships were more than just sails and cannons. They were the homes and work places of men who required food, water, supplies and equipment. There was a limited space aboard a pirate ship and the more men and supplies were on a ship the slower it went. Often pirates moved in fleets which allowed a faster ship to engage a ship while a more well armed ship could approach. This tactic often lead most merchant crews to surrender and give up their cargo and often leave with their lives.

Types of Pirate Ships

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There are many different types of pirate ships and each of them served a different purpose in piracy. For example, smaller ships could be used to scout and approach a targeted prize ship while larger vessels could bring in reinforcements and carry extra treasure and loot.


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Pirate Ships

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