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Buccaneer Raids

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Buccaneer raids were informal attacks on Spanish settlements along the Spanish Main throughout the Buccaneering Era. The buccaneers would generally land a few miles down from the settlement and then march overland and attack them from the coast. This was much different than the privateers and pirates who generally seized ships and goods rather than raid settlements. Overall the buccaneers were successful in helping destroy Spanish hegemony in the West Indies and the New World and forced the Spanish to develop fortifications to protect their settlements.

Ransacking a Town - Pac Kups Jolly Roger Pirates (1936)

One of the most famous buccaneers in history to raid towns and settlements was Henry Morgan who operated out of the port of Port Royal on the island of British Jamaica. However, there were many other raids throughout the West Indies that challenged the Spanish claim to the entire region as well as their military dominance.

Buccaneer Raids


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