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England is a country that was the seat of power of the British Empire during the Golden Age of Piracy. The country is bordered by neighboring Scotland and Wales which were both under control by England during this time as well as Ireland. Many pirates descended from nations controlled by the British empire especially the English speaking nations. They form some of the most commonly known pirates in culture such as Henry Every, Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach, Charles Vane and many others of the Flying Gang and the Pirate Rounders.

During the Age of Colonialism the British Empire controlled vast holdings across the entire planet including British North America, British West Indies, the British East Indies and British Africa. These vast unprotected holdings which formed a comprehensive trade network was ripe for plunder especially by privateers and pirates.

British Empire History

The history of the British Empire is long and storied and involves complex political entanglements and altercations. The area of England has been inhabited since the Upper Paleolithic and the Stone Age and contains settlements by multiple groups such as Germanic tribes, the Romans and many others.

One of the main precipitating events that caused the catalyst for the introduction of the British into the Golden Age of Piracy as well as the Age of Colonialism was the voyages of Christopher Columbus and the discovery of the New World for the Europeans. After realizing the massive wealth of the New World the Spanish began mobilizing massive industrial efforts to send expeditions to assess and take wealth by force if necessary for god and country.

Word spread across Europe very quickly during this period and as soon as tales of the Spanish Main began pouring across the impoverished countryside the public curiosity was piqued. Following successful pirating exploits by French privateers the English soon launched their own voyages under the command of Francis Drake.

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